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Dr. Peter is an organic chemist with over thirty years of experience in chemical education, natural products research and ethnobotany.  She has discovered novel natural products including triterpenoids, flavonoids and flavonoid glycosides and most recently co-submitted a patent application for an anticancer extract from a Caribbean plant.  


Her work has been published in peer reviewed journals which focus on natural product isolation, structure elucidation and ethnobotany.  Her current focus is on the conservation of medicinal plants, and the associated traditional knowledge, for climate change adaptation and potential drug discovery.  She is the author of the self-published book, ‘Seed Under the Leaf’ and the fictional novel ‘Beyond Beleaf’ which is currently being edited for publication.   


Dr. Peter is a Member of the Society of Economic Botany (US), American Society of Pharmacognosy, McGill Bellairs Research Institute and the Barbados Museum and Historical Society.