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Evan Burfield is the co-founder of 1776 and CEO of Union, where he works with startups around the world tackling significant challenges in areas like education, health, energy, transportation, food, and financial services.


1776 is a global network empowering innovators everywhere to shape the digital transformation of critical industries.  Founded in 2013 its vision was to build an inclusive incubator for startups, disrupting entrenched industries.  


Over the course of the following four years, 1776 grew into a global enterprise with two campuses in the Greater Washington, DC area, Brooklyn, and Dubai, with over 800 startups under incubation and over 1000 mentors engaged on its platform, ‘UNION’.  In 2017, Benjamin’s Desk, a Philadelphia based co-working company, merged with 1776 to create the largest entrepreneurial ecosystem for startups in the Northeast Corridor.  1776’s proprietary software platform, UNION was spun out as a separate company.  


The UNION platform connects startup founders, mentors, investors, and corporate innovators around the world. As an angel investor and venture capitalist, Evan has invested in more than 40 startups with world-changing ideas, from Silicon Valley to Nairobi.