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Jason Lindsay is the managing director of Full Circle Animation, the leading full-service animation studio in the Caribbean. Under his leadership, Full Circle has produced a plethora of animated projects that include outsourced production from international TV producers, music videos, and public service announcements for the United Nations, CARICOM Secretariat and other regional NGOs.    


Along with managing the studio, he writes and directs on many of the company’s projects. He is the co-producer of several animated properties developed by the company.    


Regionally, the company has successfully produced several different mini-series on social issues including: Pepperpot Valley; Trinity SMART and CARICOMYOUTHWHY#Series – Reducing Youth on Youth   



In the last 5 years, Full Circle has also been outsourced animation production for Disney’s Lolirock, Universal Studios’ The Land Before Time XIV – Journey of the Brave, Netflix’s Geronimo Stilton, DreamworksTV’s Lizzie, HBO’s Animals, and Nickelodeon’s Pig Goat Banana Cricket and YouTubeRED’s Dallas and Robo.