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Melinda Belle is the Principal Image Coach and Beauty Blogger at ImageUP By Melinda.

Her journey to accepting her significance and worth was a long one. She was not the outgoing type while growing up. Her preferred seat was the seat situated to the back of the room. Not interested in putting herself out there, she kept herself hidden. Until 2012, that changed. She came out of hiding when she connected with her brilliance. She realised the talents, ideas and gifts she were born with, were there solutions someone was waiting for. Rather than withholding herself, she rose to the occasion and sought to be the solution. It took courage for her to become a genuine article and to develop a wardrobe that would make her stand out.

Her use of colour in her attire now signals, here I am! How may I impact you today?

With her experience, she seeks to empower women to do the same, be who they were born to be and develop an image unique to their one of a kind identity. She makes it her life mission to motivate and mobilise women to:

  • Love who they are

  • Affirm who they are

  • Create wealth with their natural abilities